The ubiquitous hand turkey

Most Americans have the same general idea about what Thanksgiving means. It’s a time for family, for eating more than you should, and decorating in the browns, oranges, yellows and reds that are the fall colors. The turkey art made from kid’s hand prints hangs up next to the gourds and drawings of pilgrims with buckled shoes.

Everyone has different things that they are thankful for, and different ways of celebrating these things on Thanksgiving. Senior Hanna Schaub said that she was staying home for the holiday, because most of her family lives locally. When asked what she was most thankful for, she said that she was thankful for getting into the college of her choice, Grand Valley, and for the wonderful girls on her volleyball team.

Some people think that the most important part of Thanksgiving is the traditional food. Although food plays a pivotal role in the festivities and the turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie are all crucial to a successful Thanksgiving bash, most people agree that the meaning of Thanksgiving is the time family spends together. People come from near and far to the designated house where they’ll see cousins, nephews, and grandmothers. Therein lies the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

When asked where she was going for Thanksgiving, junior Sam Sterkenburg replied, “I’m going to Wisconsin to see my brother at his Navy base.”

The Sterkenburgs are making the trip so that they can spend this particular holiday with the people that they are most thankful for. When I asked Sam what   she was most grateful for, she told me that she was simply glad that her friends and family were all happy and healthy.

Each person asked this question answered more or less the same. There were some who said they were thankful for financial security, and others who said they were happy for their pets, but to most, family and friends are what seem to be most important on this holiday, and appreciating the things that you have.

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