A High School Christmas

As Johnny Mathis once said, “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,” except for our lack of snow. The jury is still out when it comes to the question of having a white Christmas this year, but many people are hoping for the weather to turn cold again.

Once again, the students of Leland are gearing up for another fun-filled holiday season. Christmas lights and ornaments adorn trees and classrooms all over the high school, but nowhere is more impressive than Mr. Wodek’s room. Step through his door and you are instantly transported to a merry wonderland filled with cheery music, bright lights, and multiple Christmas trees.

Many students are also expressing their holiday spirits in the form of music. Leland’s Middle School Choir and the Comet Chorale performed a rousing concert for the members of the community. They sang many classic Christmas carols like “Some Children See Him,” “Rejoice Ye Christians Now,” and the rousing “Shut de Door.” The singers of Comet Chorale also traveled to Effe’s Asssisted Living Home in Leland to sing Christmas carols for the residents there.

As the trees and ornaments go up all around the school, everyone seems to be looking towards the beginning of Holiday Break. Many students can be heard saying “I wish it would just be Friday already!” Regardless of what day it is or where you go for this holiday season, just remember to have a safe and awesome vacation. Remember to not overload your outlets with Christmas lights, stay away from egg nog which has been sitting out for a couple of hours, be careful when you lift that giant 56″ T.V., and don’t over-stuff yourself at Christmas dinner.

Happy Holidays from the Staff of the Leland Vibe!


2 Responses to “A High School Christmas”
  1. lelandvibe lelandvibe says:

    Mr. Wodek is synonymous with all things Christmas. That includes festive sweaters too. Where would we be without him?

  2. Mr. Gann says:

    The “Wodes” Room is always awesome at this time of year. Walking in the room gets me in the holiday spirit.

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