Christmas Carolling At the Great Wolf Lodge

On Friday December 9th, our high school music teacher Mr. Evans brought the Middle School Choir, as well as Leland’s’ famous Comet Chorale to the Great Wolf Lodge for their annual Christmas caroling. Excited to hear their children’s beautiful voices, parents went along to watch. Standing in front, a proud Mr. Evans headed the two choirs, making an obvious impact on both the listeners and viewers alike.

“I am proud of all of these kids. They work so hard to get where they are, and they are still getting better and maturing every day,” Evans says. “And they sound just as good as they look, if not better.”

Evans works with each choir to enhance each voice, as well as working on life skills. He says it is very important to him that they sound good, but also that they maintain a mature attitude in each of life’s situations.  On top of teaching the kids all kinds of different techniques, he takes time to talk to them about their attitude and social lives. His students appreciate his talent and love for the art.

We are very fortunate to have Mr. Evans at our school. So, make sure to thank him for all he has done and is still doing for our school.




2 Responses to “Christmas Carolling At the Great Wolf Lodge”
  1. Kristy Fisher says:

    Well said Olivia! His passion for music and teaching is so evident. So… Thank you Mr. Evans!

  2. Mr. Gann says:

    Your caroling spreads cheer and holiday spirit to all who listen to you. I know the folks at Effie’s and Tendercare were thrilled to have you visit. Well done!!

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