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This December on the Vibe we will be featuring interviews with several different Leland Alumni, girls and boys, on their experiences in college so far. This collection will include Matt Brown and Katlyn Fleis from Northern Michigan University, Erin Dingrando and Clayton Beyers from the University of Michigan, Luke Speicher from Ball State University, and Kenyon McFarlane from Colorado College. A new interview will be posted every week, leading up to the College Board Meeting on December 22nd, when Leland students will be given the opportunity to ask several different students about their experiences so far.

For the week of 12/5: Matt and Katlyn

1. What school do you go to?

 Northern Michigan University (NMU)

2. What was a good surprise about college?

            Matt:  How much freedom you have.

            Katlyn: How far you can stretch your dollar!

3. What was a not-so-good surprise about college?

            Matt: That you have to do your own laundry.

            Katlyn: You mean having to watch me do your laundry! And for me, it’s the fact that all-nighters are inevitable.

4. What is your favorite (or least favorite) dorm food?

            Matt:  We once made spinach artichoke dip in the coffee maker that was really good! And pickles.

            Katlyn: Definitely Ramen and Pickles.

5. How do you like living with a roommate?

            Matt: I like it

            Katlyn: Yeah, my roommate is really nice and we get along great

6. What do you miss most about Leelanau County?

            Matt: My puppies

            Katlyn: My friends, my kitchen, and my dog!

7. How do you like living on your own?

            Matt: I enjoy living on my own.  My suite mates will stay up all night playing COD.

            Katlyn: I absolutely love living on my own.

8. How did Leland help to prepare you for college?

            Matt: Leland’s hard curriculum made my classes seem easier.

            Katlyn: My English classes at Leland made me a more confident writer.

9. How could Leland have better prepared you for college?

            Matt: By offering more classes

            Katlyn: Agreed

10. Do you have any tips or advice for Leland students who are beginning to make their final decision on which school they want to go to?

            Matt: Look at the price and the scholarships available.

            Katlyn: Definitely visit!

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    Great first article Savannah. Can’t wait to read the next two leading up to the college panel.

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