Young Journalists

Jayden, Mollie and CiCi

Fifth graders Mollie, Jayden and Cici of Mrs. Suttmann’s class have discovered the joys of journalism.  Last year Mollie and Jayden had the idea to write a monthly newspaper featuring anything they wanted to write about.  The newspaper didn’t work out until this year, which was also when Cici joined the club.  They all love […]

Discover the World


A few weeks ago, the Conversational Spanish class entered a video contest hosted by the American Council of the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). The required theme was “Discover a Language. Discover the World.”. Our video features all of our exchange students talking about how being multilingual has helped them learn about other countries and […]

40 Things to do Instead of Freaking Out About Exams


We all know how we get when that dreadful week of exams comes along. We must admit it, when that time comes for us to begin studying we tend to freak out a little bit. Yes, school and grades are important. However instead of worrying about how you could possibly memorize all the muscles in […]