An Elementary February


A slice of life, served up with music. Be SURE to click on the expand button (bottom right, near the “V”imeo) to see the big screen effect. Spring is on the way … Music by Tom Waits.  In fond memory of my friend John Schlueter, who always looked forward to Spring.

Zdravo from Serbia!


What do you get when you cross a Serbian, a Sophomore, and an all around great guy? The answer is Milos. Milos Acimovic is the guy that everyone likes to be around. He lights up any room with his electric smile and he is always the first to crack a joke. When Milos first came […]

Into the Stratosphere


The annual Spelling Bee of Leland Public School was held on February 2nd at 8:45 a.m. in the PAC. It was a marvelous contest of the top spellers from grades 5-8. The rules state that if you spell one word wrong you are immediately dismissed. In the first round the judges asked all contestants to […]

Concessions for a Cure


This fall, one of Leland’s 2011 graduates, Rebecca Thomas, was diagnosed with cancer. Her announcement shocked everyone, but as always, the Leland community has come together to help her and her family through this troubled time. Rebecca has been undergoing treatment for a few months now, and is currently recovering from a surgery which we […]

Middle School Global Issues


So, what do you do in Middle School Global Issues class? Prepare to be informed, by Mike and Clarke, who graciously decided to record their final project for you, the viewing public. The class was divided into three parts: Food, Environment, and Refugee issues. Part one: Part two: