An Elementary February

A slice of life, served up with music. Be SURE to click on the expand button (bottom right, near the “V”imeo) to see the big screen effect. Spring is on the way …

Music by Tom Waits.  In fond memory of my friend John Schlueter, who always looked forward to Spring.

5 Responses to “An Elementary February”
  1. Kathleen Lau says:

    That was lovely Mark.

  2. Nick Seguin says:

    That turned out great!! Thanks for coming down to our end of the school and showing off the kids hard work.

  3. Laura Miller says:

    This is wonderful~

  4. Mrs. Shannon Scott says:

    Such a wonderful video to highlight the talents of our elementary kids. :) Thanks, Mark.

  5. grace noorman says:

    i love it!

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