Pi Day With Mrs. Zywicki’s 7th graders


March 14, 2012, otherwise known as National Pi day. No, not the pie you eat, but the mathematical equation. On this special but odd day, we find Mrs. Zywicki and her 7th grade math class ready to begin making actual pies, ironically, to celebrate Pi Day. Mrs. Zywicki had spared a crucial math day to […]

Learning About Biomes

Maddy and Emma

Mrs. Klein’s class has recently been working on a research project about biomes.  They had been working on their posters for about a week and a half.  The kids were assigned in groups of two to put their heads together and hunt down information. Maddy and Emma researched the South Asian rainforest biome.  They loved […]

Becca’s Benefit


Please mark your calendars for Saturday, March 17th to come support the Thomas Family! Leland Public School National Honor Society and the Leelanau Children’s Center are sponsoring Becca’s Benefit at the Bluebird restaurant. This event will include an art auction, featuring work from local artists and LPS students. There will also be raffles and a […]

Getting to Know Dani


If you haven’t yet, you should get to know Dani.  She has long, black hair and an unforgettable personality.  When asked to describe herself, the first thing she says is, “Direct. I like to tell people exactly what I think.”  She also calls herself “funny and empathetic”.  This is true.  She doesn’t like to see […]