Pi Day With Mrs. Zywicki’s 7th graders

March 14, 2012, otherwise known as National Pi day.

No, not the pie you eat, but the mathematical equation. On this special but odd day, we find Mrs. Zywicki and her 7th grade math class ready to begin making actual pies, ironically, to celebrate Pi Day. Mrs. Zywicki had spared a crucial math day to party the day away with flower, filling, and fun. In addition to the fun there was a twist:¬† two kinds of pies, cherry and apple! The ingredients¬† were generously supplied by our very own Mrs. Lacross’ family farm. And so, the kids began the first day by making the crust by hand, carefully shaping it and being very precise in measuring. For they knew they had to win. As the first day came to a close, the second began in a flash. As the filling was filled, the pies were finished, and the students satisfied.












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