One Big Cherry

Who knew that we had so much talent in our midst? Last year it was our very own Alexandra Arens, this year our very own Brooke Olesnavage – both winners of the prestigious National Cherry Festival poster contest. The good news is that Brooke’s poster will be THE official poster for the 2012 festival. And what a poster it is!

Brooke, a junior who spends her afternoons at the Career Tech Center, entered the contest as part of an assignment for her “Visual Imaging Technology I” class. The class consists of fine arts, photography, and graphic design. Early in the year the class was assigned to do a “tile art” drawing. Essentially this means that the artist works with grids, transferring images, grid by grid, to a larger canvas.

“Everyone else was doing watercolors, graphic design, and acrylics,” says Brooke, “but I remembered the tile art assignment from earlier in the year, which I really got into, and that’s what I did this time.” It worked. Brooke, who modestly calls her poster “sharpie art” went through three sharpies, and spent roughly 30 hours on the project.


“I should have started sooner, but I ended up doing it all in one week,” says Brooke. “I basically didn’t have a life for a week. It was a Grey’s Anatomy marathon. I watched TV while I worked away. I did an eight hour shift on Saturday, took a break, then did four more hours in the evening. I think it’s relaxing. Most people think it’s obnoxious, but I like it. Some people like knitting as a way to pass the time, but for me it’s tile art.”

Brooke is not sure where she wants to go to college, but she knows she wants to go into photography – perhaps photojournalism – plus she hopes to study abroad for a year, and even continue to play volleyball at the college level. Whatever she decides to do, we know it will be interesting. Way to go, Brooke! We look forward to seeing your poster all over the place this summer, and we’ll all be saying “I know the artist who did it!”

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  1. Karen Rennie says:

    Proud to be a cherry farmer! And love your poster! Congratulations!

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