Ladies and Gentlemen: Heidi Terjesen

This year, we’ve had a fantastic group of exchange students at our school. Though the end of the school year is right around the corner and exams are almost here, there’s still time to meet someone pretty cool. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Heidi Terjesen, from Norway.

There are a few things not everyone knows about Heidi. She is strong, which is important in most of the twelve sports she has participated in through the years. Her favorite color is blue. She’s also a natural blonde, beginning to dye her hair during her freshman year. Some words to describe Heidi include easy -going, stubborn, happy, good listener to friends and sporty.

There are many things the Norwegian girl loves to do, like hanging out with friends and going shopping. “I could go every day!” She says. She certainly does get her shopping in, but not every day. On the days she’s not at the malls at home, she enjoys riding and spending time with her beloved pony, Sylvester. While she’s been in America, she hasn’t been able to hit the malls as much as she would like, but she has found other things to do.

At home, she has participated in several camps, ranging from dance and music camps to extreme sport challenges. In 2010, she and some friends decided to participate in one of these challenges. When I asked her about it, she said, “It was kind of a military camp. There were about one hundred teams, who had to compete against one another. We had to bring our own food, sleep in tents and be ready for competition early in the morning.”

In America, she has learned and excelled at the sport of rugby. “I didn’t know anything about rugby before I began, but I decided to give it a shot.” It’s a good thing she did because she’s an absolute machine on the pitch.

This past Saturday, Heidi and the other girls of the Traverse Bay Blues U-19 rugby team made the near five-hour ride to Detroit to play at the state playoffs. The team did exceptionally well, beating both teams. In her matches, Heidi scored five tries, each worth five points. The wins made it possible for the team to move on to the State Championship in Midland this past Thursday, where they won the title over Berkley with a score of 46 to 0.

It is close to the end of the year, but there is still time to say “hi” to Heidi. When asked what she’ll remember of her year in America, twenty five years from now, her response was “My host family, the Wurms. They are amazing.  I love them a lot. My two best friends from other countries, Julia and Daniela. The pretty lake and rugby, for sure.”

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  1. Milos Acimovic says:

    I love this article! A very creative way of presenting Heidi. She’s a sweetheart and we love her.

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