Leland Rockers

Have you ever played soccer out in the pouring rain, with numb legs, cold feet, and wet clothes?  Well this Saturday morning the U-10 Leland Rockers soccer team did just that and more.  Their coach, Johnston Mitchell, was with them the whole way, his voice carrying all across Hancock field.  Kayla, Mia, Elly, Helene, Brianna, Erin, and Annie played their hearts out today, and they rocked it.

Last week, the team played their first game.  They practice Wednesdays and sometimes Saturdays at Hancock field, and have games on Saturdays all around the county.  Some of the girls have been playing since kindergarten, but some are participating for the first time.  Mia, Annie, and Elly have great skills playing forwards and midfields.  Erin was an amazing sweeper.  Brianna and Kayla both were outstanding keepers and defenders.

Overall, Johnston feels the team played “one thousand percent better” than last week, and I agree.  Maggie and Gaby, two of the other players, couldn’t make it today and we sure missed them.  We also missed our assistant coach, Alec.  These girls have some amazing talent.  :)  The Leland Rockers are fast, smart, and they certainly rocked the field today in the rain.  Great job!

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  1. Beth Osorio says:

    Thanks, Kate, for the great photos and news about the team! Glad to have you there assisting!

  2. grace says:

    i have played in pouring rain and it was very fun!

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