March is Reading Month: Decorated Doors


In Leland Elementary, it’s March is Reading Month! This means that for every day of March, there is a special activity that the kids participate in that has to do with reading. For example, on March first, they celebrated Dr. Suess’s birthday. And on March fourth, each class voted on their favorite book and decorated […]

Musical Theatre


Musical Theatre by BenYaakoby Ever wonder what those wacky kids get up to in Musical Theatre class? Well, watch this video by Ben Yaakoby and you’ll definitely find out. Looks like fun to me!   Musical Theatre from Ben Yaakoby on Vimeo.

From Awkward to Awesome


From Awkward to Awesome The Story of “Intro to Musical Theatre” by, Luke Wiesen, Linh Dang, and Brennan Deckrow At the beginning of Intro to Musical Theatre, we thought we wouldn’t enjoy the class. Singing, dancing, and acting in front of a small group, let alone an audience, sounded, to us, like one of the […]

Día de los Muertos



So how do you succeed in business?


Leland Drama is in full swing once again as the opening night of “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” fast approaches. This year’s performance of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (H2S) is set to be one of the drama department’s best ever. With a cast and crew of over 30 middle school and high […]

Middle School Global Issues


So, what do you do in Middle School Global Issues class? Prepare to be informed, by Mike and Clarke, who graciously decided to record their final project for you, the viewing public. The class was divided into three parts: Food, Environment, and Refugee issues. Part one: Part two:

Discover the World


A few weeks ago, the Conversational Spanish class entered a video contest hosted by the American Council of the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). The required theme was “Discover a Language. Discover the World.”. Our video features all of our exchange students talking about how being multilingual has helped them learn about other countries and […]

Mrs. Kirt’s Science Project


In Mrs. Kirt’s fifth and sixth grade blend, grasslands, forests, coral reefs and deserts are coming to life before the students’ eyes.  Mrs. Kirt’s scientific students are using Prezi and VoiceThread, to bring the results of their scientific research on the ecosystem to a computer screen. One group of students made a VoiceThread about the […]

The Writer’s Waterfall


If truth be told, English teachers have always felt a bit jealous of some of the other content area teachers.  Unlike, say, science teachers, who can put on a good public show with fire and bubbling beakers, or art teachers, who can wow us with their amazing classroom paintings, sometimes it seems as if all […]

Scary Monsters and Super Creeps


For most of America, Halloween ends on the final night of October.  However, for Mr. Evans’ high school Productions class, Halloween continues throughout November.  The class has recently been focusing on makeup designs and character creation. While we started off slow with highlights, shadows, and base foundations, we’ve managed to make some pretty interesting characters! […]