The 2015 Scripps Spelling Bee


Leland Public School hosted its annual Spelling Bee in January, in which 20 students—five students each from grades five through eight—competed for five spots in the County Bee at Northport Public School. Jayden Spencer (’19) was the school champion! Olivya Graham (’20), Mollie Grishaw (’19), Joey Hlavka (’21), and Talia Yaakoby (’19) joined Jayden at […]

Farmers Market


Thursday, September 27th the LPS gymnasium was filled with locally grown veggies, fruit, flowers, and worms (yes, worms). This was the 6th year that Leland Public School has hosted the Indoor Farmers Market.  Nine local farmers displayed their goods, ranging from honey to gourds, so the kids could see and sample locally grown products.  Students […]

Open House


Spring Open House, May 15th What a wonderful evening!  This year’s Open House was a huge success, thanks to the hard work and planning of so many dedicated staff and  students.  The event started off at 6:00 with the fabulous Farm to School Dinner, featuring Bardenhagen strawberries in a homemade vinaigrette, scratch-prepared desserts, tofu from […]

March is Reading Month: Decorated Doors


In Leland Elementary, it’s March is Reading Month! This means that for every day of March, there is a special activity that the kids participate in that has to do with reading. For example, on March first, they celebrated Dr. Suess’s birthday. And on March fourth, each class voted on their favorite book and decorated […]

Geography/Spelling Bees


In the geography and spelling bees hosted by the school, students from each class answer questions to see who will compete in the bigger bees. Kids from the fifth through eighth grades were eligible to participate. Congratulations to all of our 2012 bee contestants! The geography bee, hosted by Miss Michelle Irwin, had a total […]

When I Grow Up


Lovely artwork from our elementary.  When I grow up … this is how it will be!  Enjoy.    

Farmers Market


Leland Public School was the site for the 6th annual Indoor Farmers Market on October 4th.  This fun filled event was made possible through the generosity and energy of many people, including  the Michigan State Extension Office,  Annette Kleinschmidt, Maureen Earl, Leelanau Farmers, Sandy Thomas, Cheryl Robinson, and the Leland National Honor Society.  Community members […]

Harvest Run


On September 29th, homecoming day, only a handful of people will be up at eight in the morning to go running. In my opinion, only a handful of people should be up at eight in the morning. Well, for cross country, there’s no such thing as sleeping in. The Leland elementary cross country team, along […]

Fifth and Sixth Grade Camp


  The beginning of the school year is always a drag.  What with homework, projects, and especially the new grading policy, Leland’s fifth and sixth graders certainly weren’t jumping for joy on September fourth.  That reluctance didn’t last long, however.  Every year, the upper elementary goes to camp for three days and two nights.  This […]

Spring Time in Leland

Mike Osorio strolling through the Middle School.

Life at Leland Public School can be full of surprises. Here are some pictures, taken within the last week or two. Enjoy your slice of life!