Norwegian stereotypes vs. true colors

Graduating seniors, left to right: Anna Och, Elizabeth Wiesen, Heather Burns, Noa Yaakoby, and Serine Pallesen.

By: Serine Pallesen In Norway, it’s always about being the prettiest, skinniest, tannest, and blondest. It’s about being the most intelligent, but not so intelligent that you’re labeled a nerd. As a teenager, you need to have the most brand-name clothes, have a good-looking boyfriend, and a descent part-time job. In addition to this, you […]

Xin Chào!


Linh, from Vietnam, can only be described in one word: Linh. There is no other person quite like her. She’s on exchange here for a year (staying with the Millers), and I’m dreading the day when she heads home. Linh, pronounced either as Ling or Lin, is likable, hilarious, and creative. When you pass her […]

Ladies and Gentlemen: Heidi Terjesen

at the beach

This year, we’ve had a fantastic group of exchange students at our school. Though the end of the school year is right around the corner and exams are almost here, there’s still time to meet someone pretty cool. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Heidi Terjesen, from Norway. There are a few things not everyone knows […]

Young World Leaders


In early March of this year Milos Acimovic, our exchange student from Serbia, attended a prestigious gathering of future world leaders in Washington D.C. The event was the Civic Education Workshop for Future Leaders.  This program brought together 150 students from 40 different countries.  A joint venture of the American Civics Center and American Councils […]

Getting to Know Dani


If you haven’t yet, you should get to know Dani.  She has long, black hair and an unforgettable personality.  When asked to describe herself, the first thing she says is, “Direct. I like to tell people exactly what I think.”  She also calls herself “funny and empathetic”.  This is true.  She doesn’t like to see […]

Zdravo from Serbia!


What do you get when you cross a Serbian, a Sophomore, and an all around great guy? The answer is Milos. Milos Acimovic is the guy that everyone likes to be around. He lights up any room with his electric smile and he is always the first to crack a joke. When Milos first came […]

Discover the World


A few weeks ago, the Conversational Spanish class entered a video contest hosted by the American Council of the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). The required theme was “Discover a Language. Discover the World.”. Our video features all of our exchange students talking about how being multilingual has helped them learn about other countries and […]

Say Hello to Julia


Say hello to Julia. Julia is one of our exchange students from Germany this year. She is 16 years old, has long brown hair, and is usually found in a perky, talkative mood.  She describes herself as “open.”  Her host parents, Geno and Peggy Miller, were surprised to find her so talkative and said they had […]

Meet Isabela


Meet Isabela.  On a typical day, you could find her shooting hoops, or curled up watching “Supernatural” or “Glee.”  She’s just like any typical American teenager.  She talks to her friends on Facebook, tries to get her homework done, and focuses on sports.  But the first time you meet Isabela Weffort, you’d definitely know she’s […]