A book that will melt your heart


By: Lennon May* Whenever you pick up a book, you have inadvertently put yourself in a very important position. You have given yourself the grand opportunity to read a novel that may very well change your life! You must make the decision of whether you will spend the next great deal of your time dedicated […]

Show de Talento!


What happens when you combine learning languages with song and music?  Good things.  And one of those good things took place in Leland’s PAC on May 31st, when Mrs. LaCross got to see the fruition of all her fine efforts (and those of her students) culminate in a fantastic talent show, well attended by students […]

Día de los Muertos



Mr. Gann on Warpath


“Who did this?” says principal Charles Gann as he looks at the vandalism which took place on his “READ” poster.  Gann, a lifelong Yankees fan, discovered the hijinks this morning during a routine patrol of the halls.  He was not amused.  “There’s nothing funny about this,” he shouted.  “Heads will roll!” The vandalism took place […]

Who do you think YOU are?

Two Chains, LeBron, and somebody in an orange jersey...

More spirit week activities.  This one is dress up day.  Students were asked to dress up like their favorite celebrity … or Mr. Wodek (same thing, really).  So, can you identify the famous celebrities here?    

Ugly Sweater Day


As part of spirit week activities students were asked to dress like Mr. Wodek wear ugly sweaters.  What do you think?  Who wins the ugly sweater contest?


Ahh 2

What is the definition of summer? Is it hanging out with friends at the beach? Is it spending time with your family? Or is it just relishing the Sun’s rays at the beach? We may never really know, but we really don’t need to, because even the fact of having summer is the greatest feeling […]

Spring Time in Leland

Mike Osorio strolling through the Middle School.

Life at Leland Public School can be full of surprises. Here are some pictures, taken within the last week or two. Enjoy your slice of life!    

Leland Rockers

U-10 Cheer

Have you ever played soccer out in the pouring rain, with numb legs, cold feet, and wet clothes?  Well this Saturday morning the U-10 Leland Rockers soccer team did just that and more.  Their coach, Johnston Mitchell, was with them the whole way, his voice carrying all across Hancock field.  Kayla, Mia, Elly, Helene, Brianna, […]

So how do you succeed in business?


Leland Drama is in full swing once again as the opening night of “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” fast approaches. This year’s performance of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (H2S) is set to be one of the drama department’s best ever. With a cast and crew of over 30 middle school and high […]