Life… in 10 Words


Motivational phrases and sayings are used every day by people all over the world. These slogans can be seen in many places: on posters, on the airwaves, or stuck to the bumper of a car. Many of us here at school have our own little phrases that we use to sum up how we feel […]

No Shave November


Throughout the course of a school year, Leland students participate in a myriad of traditional activities and events, ranging from Prom to Spirit Week. One less known tradition at Leland is rapidly gaining support from both the male student body and faculty. From the ninth grade all the way up to Mr. Wodek, the tradition […]

What’s in your Bag? with Flannery Johnson


  1. You will never open Flanny’s bag without finding her iPod. “My iPod is my life– I love music and, I will admit, audio books.” 2. Headphones are a necessity to properly listen to music or audio books. 3. Her wallet, which most often holds holds her license, debit and atm card, money, random papers, and […]



OMG  … is that Fluffy?  Seen in Mr. Peplinski’s room recently……