The 2015 Scripps Spelling Bee


Leland Public School hosted its annual Spelling Bee in January, in which 20 students—five students each from grades five through eight—competed for five spots in the County Bee at Northport Public School. Jayden Spencer (’19) was the school champion! Olivya Graham (’20), Mollie Grishaw (’19), Joey Hlavka (’21), and Talia Yaakoby (’19) joined Jayden at […]

Open House


Spring Open House, May 15th What a wonderful evening!  This year’s Open House was a huge success, thanks to the hard work and planning of so many dedicated staff and  students.  The event started off at 6:00 with the fabulous Farm to School Dinner, featuring Bardenhagen strawberries in a homemade vinaigrette, scratch-prepared desserts, tofu from […]

Iron Chef


March 25th was the day and LPS School Cafeteria was the place for the first Jr. Iron Chef Competition, based on the popular TV show.  The two teams were led by Kevin Peabody and Jen Welty, who worked with students for two months prior to the competition.  The teams consisted of  6th-8th grade students and […]

Spring Time in Leland

Mike Osorio strolling through the Middle School.

Life at Leland Public School can be full of surprises. Here are some pictures, taken within the last week or two. Enjoy your slice of life!    

Pi Day With Mrs. Zywicki’s 7th graders


March 14, 2012, otherwise known as National Pi day. No, not the pie you eat, but the mathematical equation. On this special but odd day, we find Mrs. Zywicki and her 7th grade math class ready to begin making actual pies, ironically, to celebrate Pi Day. Mrs. Zywicki had spared a crucial math day to […]

Middle School Global Issues


So, what do you do in Middle School Global Issues class? Prepare to be informed, by Mike and Clarke, who graciously decided to record their final project for you, the viewing public. The class was divided into three parts: Food, Environment, and Refugee issues. Part one: Part two: