Norwegian stereotypes vs. true colors

Graduating seniors, left to right: Anna Och, Elizabeth Wiesen, Heather Burns, Noa Yaakoby, and Serine Pallesen.

By: Serine Pallesen In Norway, it’s always about being the prettiest, skinniest, tannest, and blondest. It’s about being the most intelligent, but not so intelligent that you’re labeled a nerd. As a teenager, you need to have the most brand-name clothes, have a good-looking boyfriend, and a descent part-time job. In addition to this, you […]


Ahh 2

What is the definition of summer? Is it hanging out with friends at the beach? Is it spending time with your family? Or is it just relishing the Sun’s rays at the beach? We may never really know, but we really don’t need to, because even the fact of having summer is the greatest feeling […]