Tuesday night the Leland Girls Varsity basketball team played Frankfort at home. The game was tied at half, and still tied at the end of the game at 37-37 after Maggie Osorio’s layup and sunken free throw. With only 48 seconds left, Frankfort called a time out and had a plan. Mackenna Kelly, a freshman […]

The Leland Experience, 1.1


The Leland Experience by Jason Stowe Volume I No. 1- “The Game”, January 30, 2013 Last Thursday night, in the Suttons Bay High School gymnasium, Leland Comet fans were treated to something special. After managing to score only two points in the first quarter, our varsity boys’ basketball team roared back from a 38-19 deficit […]

Mr. Gann on Warpath


“Who did this?” says principal Charles Gann as he looks at the vandalism which took place on his “READ” poster.  Gann, a lifelong Yankees fan, discovered the hijinks this morning during a routine patrol of the halls.  He was not amused.  “There’s nothing funny about this,” he shouted.  “Heads will roll!” The vandalism took place […]

Harvest Run


On September 29th, homecoming day, only a handful of people will be up at eight in the morning to go running. In my opinion, only a handful of people should be up at eight in the morning. Well, for cross country, there’s no such thing as sleeping in. The Leland elementary cross country team, along […]

Spring Time in Leland

Mike Osorio strolling through the Middle School.

Life at Leland Public School can be full of surprises. Here are some pictures, taken within the last week or two. Enjoy your slice of life!    

Leland Rockers

U-10 Cheer

Have you ever played soccer out in the pouring rain, with numb legs, cold feet, and wet clothes?  Well this Saturday morning the U-10 Leland Rockers soccer team did just that and more.  Their coach, Johnston Mitchell, was with them the whole way, his voice carrying all across Hancock field.  Kayla, Mia, Elly, Helene, Brianna, […]

The Varsity Volleyball Season 2011


This year, the Leland girls’ Volleyball team accomplished amazing things. They won the district, conference and regional titles, and made it to quarter finals of the state round. They were undefeated until their disappointing but well-matched loss in the state quarter finals. As a team they worked as a well-oiled machine, always anticipating correctly, and […]

Students Vs. Staff Basketball


On Tuesday, November 22nd, two teams of amazing athletes stormed the high school gymnasium to do battle in the fourth annual Staff vs. Students basketball game. Players such as Jason “Chrome Dome” Stowe and Travis “The Money Maker, Shot Taker” Baker took on our own varsity boys basketball team to prove which team was superior […]