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    The 2015 Scripps Spelling Bee

    Saturday, March 14, 2015

    Leland Public School hosted its annual Spelling Bee in January, in which 20 students—five students each from grades five through eight—competed for five spots in the County Bee at Northport Public School. Jayden Spencer (’19) was the school champion! Olivya Graham (’20), Mollie Grishaw (’19), Joey Hlavka (’21), and Talia Yaakoby (’19) joined Jayden at […]

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  • The 9th grade class shows their support for Luke Klein in seeing his portrayal of Buddy in A Christmas Memory.

    Finally getting cast

    Friday, January 16, 2015

    By: Luke Klein For the past three years, I have been auditioning for roles in regional theater, on Broadway, and even for film. Although all of the auditions led to callback after callback, I only recently achieved my goal. It all started when I found out that one of my close friends, Maddy Hertel, was […]

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  • tfios

    A book that will melt your heart

    Thursday, June 12, 2014

    By: Lennon May* Whenever you pick up a book, you have inadvertently put yourself in a very important position. You have given yourself the grand opportunity to read a novel that may very well change your life! You must make the decision of whether you will spend the next great deal of your time dedicated […]

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  • Graduating seniors, left to right: Anna Och, Elizabeth Wiesen, Heather Burns, Noa Yaakoby, and Serine Pallesen.

    Norwegian stereotypes vs. true colors

    Thursday, June 12, 2014

    By: Serine Pallesen In Norway, it’s always about being the prettiest, skinniest, tannest, and blondest. It’s about being the most intelligent, but not so intelligent that you’re labeled a nerd. As a teenager, you need to have the most brand-name clothes, have a good-looking boyfriend, and a descent part-time job. In addition to this, you […]

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  • Leland_Harbor_Aerial_gallelry

    The Bucket List

    Thursday, June 12, 2014

    By: Maddie Trumbull What would want to do before you die? What would be on your bucket list? Would you want to travel the world? Perhaps skydive, or do something in the medical field? Would you even want to make a bucket list? Well, sometime in your life, you have most likely said you would […]

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  • cheese shop

    Springtime in Leland

    Wednesday, May 7, 2014

    By: Eva Grobbel Every year, after a very long cold winter, the snow begins to melt. The essence of spring: when the ground is visible and summer in Leland, Michigan has once again come into our sights. What does one do in spring? Lindsey Brandt (’16) admits that she “looks forward to the fact that […]

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  • A photograph of one of four theaters in Stratford, ON., borrowed from Torontoist.com

    English department to visit Stratford, ON

    Monday, April 28, 2014

    By: Patrick Taylor Leland Public School’s English department will be leading a trip to Stratford, Ontario, at the end of this month! Mark Smith, Judy Yoder, Patrick Taylor (long-term substitute for Jeanne Gross), and 20 high school students are traveling across country lines to see three professional theatre productions: Crazy For You, a Western-style musical; […]

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  • Seniors Heather Burns and John Van Raalte attempt a "selfie" while wearing masks to simulate a lack of vision.

    Psychology students simulate blindness

    Monday, April 28, 2014

    By: Heather Burns For Psychology, many students went a day living life as a blind individual, and found out that it is extremely difficult. They were accompanied by an escort who guided them through the halls and helped them complete tasks throughout the day. From my own personal experience, I realized multiple difficulties such as […]

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  • The Peter Pan cast is comprised of members ranging from elementary to high school.

    LPS Drama presents: Peter Pan!

    Monday, April 28, 2014

    By: Ariana Brock The LPS drama program is preforming a play this spring called Peter Pan. Peter Pan is a wonderful play telling the story of a young boy never wanting to grow up, with the help of a young girl. Throughout his journey, he runs into Pirates, Mermaids, and has help from the Lost […]

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    Farmers Market

    Monday, September 30, 2013

    Thursday, September 27th the LPS gymnasium was filled with locally grown veggies, fruit, flowers, and worms (yes, worms). This was the 6th year that Leland Public School has hosted the Indoor Farmers Market.  Nine local farmers displayed their goods, ranging from honey to gourds, so the kids could see and sample locally grown products.  Students […]

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Ugly Sweater Day

As part of spirit week activities students were asked to dress like Mr. Wodek wear ugly sweaters.  What do you think?  Who wins the ugly sweater contest?

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Ahh 2


What is the definition of summer? Is it hanging out with friends at the beach? Is it spending time with your family? Or is it just relishing the Sun’s rays at the beach? We may never really know, but we really don’t need to, because even the fact of having summer is the greatest feeling […]

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at the beach

Ladies and Gentlemen: Heidi Terjesen

This year, we’ve had a fantastic group of exchange students at our school. Though the end of the school year is right around the corner and exams are almost here, there’s still time to meet someone pretty cool. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Heidi Terjesen, from Norway. There are a few things not everyone knows […]

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Prom 2012

Prom 2012!                 

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Mike Osorio strolling through the Middle School.

Spring Time in Leland

Life at Leland Public School can be full of surprises. Here are some pictures, taken within the last week or two. Enjoy your slice of life!    

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Mrs. Kirt’s Science Project

In Mrs. Kirt’s fifth and sixth grade blend, grasslands, forests, coral reefs and deserts are coming to life before the students’ eyes.  Mrs. Kirt’s scientific students are using Prezi and VoiceThread, to bring the results of their scientific research on the ecosystem to a computer screen. One group of students made a VoiceThread about the […]


Book Talk

Heather and Elizabeth will be talking about two books today. Heather read “What My Mother Doesn’t Know”, by Sonya Sones, and Elizabeth read “What Happened to Goodbye?”, by Sarah Dessen.           Blooper!


The Writer’s Waterfall

If truth be told, English teachers have always felt a bit jealous of some of the other content area teachers.  Unlike, say, science teachers, who can put on a good public show with fire and bubbling beakers, or art teachers, who can wow us with their amazing classroom paintings, sometimes it seems as if all […]

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What’s Your Favorite Christmas Movie?

What do you do to get into the Christmas spirit? Sing Christmas carols? Bake Christmas cookies? Decorate the tree? These are all wonderful ways to get spirited in the holiday season. One of my favorite ways to get into the Christmas spirit is to watch my favorite Christmas movies! This week, I decided to go […]


An Elementary Christmas

It’s that warm and fuzzy time of year again and the elementary students of Leland Public Schools are getting festive, with Santa hats, Christmas trees and even reindeer noses.  The classes of Mr. Pershinske, Mrs. Klein, Mrs. Kirt and Ms. Irwin can’t wait to see what’s under that tree.  Here’s a little sneak peek of […]


The Varsity Volleyball Season 2011

This year, the Leland girls’ Volleyball team accomplished amazing things. They won the district, conference and regional titles, and made it to quarter finals of the state round. They were undefeated until their disappointing but well-matched loss in the state quarter finals. As a team they worked as a well-oiled machine, always anticipating correctly, and […]


A High School Christmas

As Johnny Mathis once said, “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,” except for our lack of snow. The jury is still out when it comes to the question of having a white Christmas this year, but many people are hoping for the weather to turn cold again. Once again, the students of Leland […]


Christmas Carolling At the Great Wolf Lodge

On Friday December 9th, our high school music teacher Mr. Evans brought the Middle School Choir, as well as Leland’s’ famous Comet Chorale to the Great Wolf Lodge for their annual Christmas caroling. Excited to hear their children’s beautiful voices, parents went along to watch. Standing in front, a proud Mr. Evans headed the two […]